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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Speak Vietnamese, best gift for your children, friends and travelers !  

Learn how to speak Vietnamese, a new language takes time and dedication. Once you do, being fluent in a Vietnamese language offers numerous benefits and opportunities. Learn to speak Vietnamese language is exciting and beneficial at all ages. It offers practical, intellectual and many aspirational benefits

In today’s world, there is over 7000 languages and learning at least one will help you in life massively. Although it has been proven that it is easier for children to learn a second language, it is certainly never too late to learn, and the benefits definitely reward the effort and dedication.

Whatever your age, being bilingual certainly has its advantages, especially in today’s global society.

Speak Vietnamese


When travel to Vietnam, You can confidently go about your business and speak freely to locals and other travelers. You will have a much better experience as you can effectively communicate with much more people, which will ultimately open up your mind and put things into different perspectives regarding the different cultures of Vietnam

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